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Invest smart. Don't work. Trust your manager.

About Us

Smart investing starts with your expert team. Investing in short term rentals without specific industry knowledge can be dangerous.

Let us help you.

We are a full-service cohosting company.

We take care of your investment property or second home and turn it into a high-yield midterm and short term rental. Unlike large, corporate management companies, your goals for financial performance are our number one priority.

What We can do for You

Everything. We can literally do it all. Come with nothing or come turnkey.

We will guide you to your optimal financial performance.

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1) Find and Buy

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This is the most important step. Don’t do it alone. We have industry leading technology, and we can help you.

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2) Stage and Prepare

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Our furniture partners get you 20-40% further on your budget and our in-house experts are specifically trained in STR design to maximize your financial returns.

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3) Hospitality Operations

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We have a perfect 5-star score from our guests. We are available to serve them and take care of your home 24/7. Our results speak for themselves.


Owner, General Counsel, Superhost

Mike Stone grew up in New York and you can immediately tell when you talk to him. His big personality captures the attention of everyone in the room, to which Mike credits a lot of his professional success and robust industry network. Mike Stone quit his job as a litigation attorney to go full time in real estate and help investors increase

cash flow.

With decades of experience,

we can help


Operations and Hospitality Manager

Ava Kate brings a unique blend of creativity and business development skills to AllSTR Hospitality. Ava Kate has built businesses in Arizona and Hawaii and shares our passion for real estate and hospitality. Ava Kate's graphic design and marketing expertise will bring your investment property to life, and together we will serve your guests at the highest level.

We add a personal touch to

our services


Mike Stone

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7 Figure STR Mastermind

w/ Julie George, Kyle Stanley

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STR Secrets Mastermind

w/ Mike Sjogren

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One-on-One Mentoring

w/ Julie George

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Midterm Rental Academy

w/ Jesse Vasquez

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Limitless Mindset Mastermind

w/ Mike Sjogren

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Cracking Superhost Masterclass

w/ Sean Rakidzich

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Arizona Attorney,

New York License Pending

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Arizona Real Estate License*

*Anticipated July 2023

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Consultant for

MM Investment Funds

Get a Free Appraisal

Do you have a specific property in mind? Perhaps your second or third home is sitting vacant and you're nose blind to the mortgage because you never realized you can make money and still use your own home yourself.

We rely on the best industry data tools available, including several that many hosts don’t even know exist, to learn everything we can about the market conditions and rental rate projections. We can then provide you with insights and tailored recommendations for maximizing your investment.

Contact us now for your free evaluation and we'll set your expectations within minutes.

Mike Stone


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Our Marketing and Technology Partners

Know your market. Spy on the competition. Price smarter. Make more money.

That's exactly what we do.

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Client Testimonials

I've trusted my property to Mike Stone since November of 2021 and I can honestly say this has been the easiest experience and I never have to worry about anything.

It is easy to talk to Mike anytime I need, but I almost never need to because everything runs itself. Or Mike runs it, I don’t know. All I know is it runs smooth! Our combined review score is 4.99.

I gave Mike a second listing last July and we have had the same success in both.

-Kyra Nalani, Hawaiian Investor

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Mike is the best. I have been working with Mike since the beginning because I was his first client. I play professional football and as you may know it is hard to manage my schedule with my family as it is. I don't need to think about my properties during the season or offseason thanks to Mike.

We have 4 airbnbs together and I will be getting more as long as Mike Stone is in charge! I know he will take care of me and my properties.

-Xavier Su'a Filo, NFL Football Player

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What does AllSTR charge?

You probably asked this question before you made it this far down the page. Thanks for reading on!

We charge 25% of revenue. Market standard is 22-25%, and we consider ourselves best in market. (I used to charge 30%!)

This is a full service operation. We can recommend less inclusive services if you prefer.

How frequently will I receive financial reports and updates on my property?

Owners receive monthly payouts with full breakdowns of the income, expenses, and profit.

Why choose AllSTR over name-brands like Vacasa or Evolve?

We are a mid-size cohosting company with the ability, education, and resources to give you individualized attention.

To Vacasa, you're just a contract. To us, you're on the AllSTR Team and we are dedicated to your financial performance.

Allstr hospitality

We may have taken only a few steps on the way as yet, but they are in the right direction, and what we have to do now is to go on.

- Touching Lightly, Thomas Troward

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Refer a home and vacation for free

  • We can provide you or your client a free financial projection
  • This includes existing vacation rentals, how should you perform?
  • $1000 Referral Fees for single family homes valued $1m to $2m
  • $2000 Referral Fees for single family homes valued $2m to $3m
  • Referring partners get a FREE Vacation at the home

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